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Starfox u
Lord of the STARS

General Star Fox Fan Fiction Wiki forum!

Hello everyone!  I have just added forums today on the 27th of June 2014, and I thought that It'd be nice if I made a general forum for this wiki's social experience!  

Come on people!  If you see this forum, just stop by and say hello!  I'll be waiting for your response on anything!  Thanks!

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Starfox u
Lord of the STARS

Sup.  I haven't edited much.  

Starfox U, I really can't keep up on the Microsoft wiki... but occasionally I can come on and do stuff.  Same for the Wario Wiki.


You can go ahead and demote me on the Wario wiki.  Too much stuff going on in real life to go there.

And thanks Yozoz for the nice words. :P  NAO GET BACK TO THDF WITH STARS lol


evening fox :) see you their. I hope.


Evening STARS.  


No one will play my chimpan alphabet game :(


Chimpan A

Chimpan B

Chimpan C

Chimpan D

Chimpan E

Chimpan F

Chimpan G

Chimpan H

Chimpan I

Chimpan J

Chimpan K

Chimpan L

Chimpan M

Chimpan N

Chimpan O

Chimpan P

Chimpan Q 

Chimpan R

Chimpan S

Chimpan T

Chimpan U

Chimpan V

Chimpan W

Chimpan X

Chimpan Y

Chimpan Z




It is fine that you can not edit on microsoft wiki or wario wiki. I understand but are you sure that you want to be demoted? 


Well, an admin is one who actively moderates, and I barely have enough time to moderate the THDF wiki, this Wiki and a few other small ones that I administrate.  While I may still edit on the microsoft wiki, I can not hold up to any schedule, and since I don't know much on the topic of wario, excluding MatPat's humorous attempt at trying to explain how he is 10 feet tall, you can demote me for sure there. 

If you ever need to talk to me concerning this wiki and it's future, go right ahead and find my talk page.  Thanks!

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