Away From Boyfriends is a Star Fox fanfic by user Yamagata. It tells about how Krystal gets to know Katt Monroe, and eventually goes into a lesbian relationship with her.


Early ArcEdit

Krystal meets with Katt on the Great Fox and spends a night of pleasure with the pink feline. The two then agree to go on a holiday to Corneria to meet with other girls and make love to them also. Krystal also has an encounter with an idiot Muppet named Beaker.

Molinari Family ArcEdit

Krystal and Katt answer a call from the Molinari crime boss's wife Clarice and is told of the family's operations on Corneria. The mafia don, Alberto intercepts the message and is killed by the combined efforts of Krystal, Katt and Clarice. They do not know that Alberto had a son named Eric who immediately became the new don. Miyu and Fay, police officers of Corneria show up at Krystal's home with a picture of the Molinari top members. After the girls spend much time with other girls, Krystal and Katt finally decide to go to war with the Molinari family.