Drakor was a Bioweapon created by General Scales and was a guardian of the last SpellStone for.

Scales ReturnsEdit

Hurry StarFox Andross army and Scales army are attcking Fortuna. Don't worry General we will stop them. Why Scales fight Andross he want's revenge for him making a pawn. Slippy: "Oh no I'm in trouble" thanks for saving Fox. Krystal: "Youre wreckles you need to be more careful". Boy Scales sure does have alot of troops how did he get so many. Krystal: "Aw Fox" thanks Fox Falco: "I could use so help over here" thanks Fox I own you one. We are Approaching the flag ship get ready. Caiman: "There are to many pull back PULL BACK". Drakor: "Aw HA StarFox finally a challnge". Drakor so you are still alive.

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