John is a human being from a planet in the unexplored Solar System. He is his planet's leader despite his many flaws. He is also a member of Star Fox being the only member who is the leader of a planet. He sometimes refers to Krystal McCloud as a princess.

Biography Edit

John was born in Texas in the mid 80's. He learned very early on that he was just as good at making enemies as he was at making friends. He attended Columbine High School, but was transferred before the massacre that occurred there. Afterward, he began to show a fascination in extraterrestrial life. \

When Star Wolf began attacking the Earth, John immediately joined the resistance force and ultimately helped join the nations of his home planet together and was elected their leader. Not every national leader befriended him and is wasn't uncommon for some of them to question the wisdom of his ideas. All this lead John to drink and smoke extensively. But all that altered his mind and made him wiser and smarter than he ever had been before. In turn, the national leaders respected him more and more.

Ultimately, Star Wolf returned, but this time, Star Fox came to Earth as well. When they offered to help, John accepted and, together, they repulsed this attack. As John learned more about Star Fox, he grew increasingly concerned about them and decided to join the team. He was welcomed warmly although most of the agents were nervous at first. John proved invaluable and is now a permanent member.

Personality Edit

John's personality can be best described as a serious person with a sprinkling of careful carelessness. He knows a lot about the body and is the most trusted medic, except for how careless he seems to carry out medical operations. John also drinks and smokes a lot making his judgments questionable.

The fact that he is the leader of a planet does nothing to stop him from charging on the battlefield like a crazed maniac willing to give up his life for the extraterrestrials he considers friends.

Quotes Edit

"I have one piece of advice for you : Booooooo!"

"Please don't blow us up guys."

"You're armor might be laser retardant, but is certainly isn't bulletproof."

"That dude was annoying."

"Who let us down?"

"Well, you're dead. No surprise there."

"Classic war pig." (A war pig is a fighter who overestimates their own skill by a ridiculously large margin, and, more often than not, will get themselves in a heap of trouble because of it. They're not necessarily bad. They just think they're way better than they really are.

(when insulting Krystal) Easy there, princess!

more to come.

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