Star Fox: Aces of Corneria is a future game developed by Elite 5 and published by Niktendo that is under developement. The game itself is not planned to be released until late 2012.


After saving Dinosuare Planet the Star Fox team is called on another mission of importance. General Pepper calls on Fox personally to deal with a series of attacks that are coming from group of vandals that called themselves Star Fox O*. However Fox wants the his team involved with this type of action.


The game revolves around a linear playing style distinguished by characters and utalizes all 1st party peripharals for motor skill enhancements and has a classic control system for traditional play.

  • Air Combat- This is can only be done by to Fox and Falco. This style of gaming is done players flying in an Arwing and battling any threat that is mapped on the radar.
  • Hacking- This is done by Slippy paired with another Star Fox member. This would be the puzzle and minigame section requiring players to work under pressure and a timelimit.
  • Treassure Hunting- Only done by Krystal, players will navigate through labrith mazes looking for various items and access secret information utalizing spy manuevers. A question intercome will be given to hint players when needed.
  • Ground Assalt- Can be done by all characters accept Falco. Allowing players to do some damage to ground units with a variety of weapons or with the Landmaster.

A multiplayer mode will be included with a similar interface as Star Fox Assalt with new ways to play. Plus a data file base for all things Star Fox will be included.

Charaters (* being playable/ ~only in muyltiplayer mode)

  • Fox McCloud*: Star Fox teamleader
  • Falco Lambardi*:Ace flyer for Star Fox team
  • Krystal*: New member with special abilities
  • Slippy Toad*: Team mechanic
  • Peppy Hair~: Operation Officer
  • Rob 64: System Analyst
  • General Pepper: leader of the Cornerian Army
  • Truely Fennic~: Leader of the Star Fox 0 team
  • Stonee Rabbit~: Tactics Officer
  • Pigma(Not to be confused with Pigma Dengar): Cash clown collecter
  • Star Wolf~ (will only be showned in the multiplayer mode)