StarFox: Revenge is a Star Fox fan-fic writing by LoneDrifter. The story follows Fox McCloud after he escapes from a top secret Venom military base after being subjected to inhumane experiments, which result in him becoming a form of mutant/super soldier. Fox persues and his persued by a rogue Venom military unit known as Ghost Company, whose leaders Fox hunts.


The story begins with Fox a prisoner inside a highly advanced military base. Here, Fox is subjecated to extreme forms of torture and experimentation, under the watchful of the head scientist and researcher, known as 'The Doctor'. It is revealed that Fox was captured during a space battle with Remnants of Venom's military, after being shot down while trying to protect his lover, Krystal, with everyone believing him to be dead as a result.

Ghost Company is the name of the military that was responsible for the capture Fox. It is revealed that the purpose for him being experimented on is to provide away for Ghost Company to develop super soldiers which have proved unsuccessfull.