Hey everyone!  I am 1hs444, senior wikian and adopter of this wiki.  I'm trying to revive the wiki, and see what I can do to clear up its pages, so this is the first blog update regarding that stuff.  

So, in this first blog, I will simply discuss the revival of this wiki several months back, deletion of the hundreds of spam articles, and the upcoming Wii U games potential revival of this wiki.

Thanks to a colleague, STARS, I was able to find this dead wiki, and adopt it. Since then, we've had quite a few people come on it, and hopefully, once the dreaded spam is cleaned, it'll have as much traffic as other fan fiction wiki's.

Deletion of the articles is difficult, as it takes hours of sifting through years of neglect. I have taken down around 200 pages, but over bad ones 300 still exist. Do not fear however, as we have plenty of great fan-fiction pages still. Once the Wii U game comes out, perhaps we'll have a greater fan following, so by the time of it's release, this wiki will be cleaned.

As for the Wii U game itself, you can read more about it on the official Star Fox wiki, the Arwingpedia! Star Fox Wii U

Thanks! -The Admin Team and 1hs444 signatureTalk banner

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